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One year in the U.S.

Road Trip Part 5: “New Year in New York” – After enjoying the sun of Miami, we wanted to spend our last days of 2014 in a colder city. We headed to the Big Apple and once arrived we were directly dipped into what I would call a “Huge Business Atmosphere”. This city never sleeps! We’ll arrived late at night and once sitting down on the back of a random yellow cab we entered in a never-ending traffic jam! We finally got to our apartment in Hoboken, a small city outside NY, located in the New Jersey. We spent our first day visiting Manhattan. World Trade Center Monument, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge and The Statue of Liberty. What surprised me the most was the huge numbers of McDonald’s and Starbucks you could see in a small amount of time! At every corner, every street, one of those famous American “restaurants” was full of people! Strangely not waiting for their favorite “Big Tasty” or “Latte Macchiato” but standing in a line for the bathrooms. Anyways. The most exciting district of NYC is definitely Times Square. Definitely the busiest on the Earth. I felt so lost and small walking on the streets trying to understand the hundreds of screens and commercials surrounded those gigantic buildings. I was actually a standard tourist, amazed by taking pictures of all those lights and colors. We unfortunately did not take part in the Ball Drop for the last day of the year. Too crowded. But before leaving this amazing city we did not forget to walk around Central Park, in spite of the cold. I’ll definitely come back during Summer to lay on its fluffy grass ☺