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Disney Contest: day VS night: which one do you prefer?

Here is a little contest opposing Disney during the day and Disney at night. Personnally, I love both (obviously…). In the morning, if you’re lucky, Magic Kingdom is quiet and peaceful, you can fully enjoy the decor and the magic, the sun is rising up and you can feel deep down that today’s gonna be a great day. Of course! You’re in Disney… But soon the crowds surrender and you’re no longer alone in this peaceful paradise. The sun is up now and the weather is getting warm. Though it’s still magical because during the day, you can experience the rides, and also see every little detail of the decor. At night, you have the fireworks and Wishes (at Walt Disney World). It is probably one of the best shows I’ll ever see in my life. The lights are magical as well. You feel like you’re part of it because the darkness conceals the tourists and all you can feel is the Disney Pixie Dust making your heart beat. So, what do you prefer? Day of night at Disney? Comment below and tell me why 🙂