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New Caledonia comprises many islands and islets. Lifou is one of them and I decided to visit it on an extended weekend. I chose July 14, 2000, a Bastille’s day, and consequently a day off in New Caledonia which is a French Territory. That day was a Friday and it took us just half an hour by plane from Nouméa, where we were living, to reach that place. Over the weekend we discovered beautiful landscapes around this small island but I posted a photo of Chateaubriand beach. I took it from our hotel upon arrival. I could not believe this one-mile long beach was almost only for us alone on such a day. The reason is that mid-July means winter. Outside temperatures rarely exceed 80 F (27 C) and the ocean is at around 72 F (22 C). That is way too cold for locals who prefer to enjoy other seasonal activities. However, you can understand newly arrived expats like us cherish such idyllic spots where both sand and sea are utmost appealing. No wonder Lifou has been nicknamed “The Island Closest to Paradise”!