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Kenya airways / jkia

Kenyan coffee is known internally as the supermodel of coffee: Everything about it seems to be more refined, more intense, and bigger. Generally we see black currant, intense citric acidity expressed as grapefruit, and phosphoric acidity contributing to the “sparking” quality of the acidity, along with very sweet and very creamy cups. The fascinating part of the discovery of the Kenyan profile happens when varieties can be isolated. For instance, we find those black-currant bombs in SL-28, and rich creamy lemon more in French Mission. Some of the new rust-resistant varieties, like Ruiru 11 and Batian, can add new, sometimes undesirable flavors, but Batian (which is very new and not yet harvested on a large scale) was created to address the need of a rust-resistant and delicious coffee. We will see how it ends up.